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IGDA Discount!

June 30, 2010

I’m pleased to announce a $10 discount for paid IGDA members, reducing the total cost of the paid course to $45 for members.

Here’s how it works: sign up for the course and pay $55 as normal. Using the email address and name that you use when you make the payment, I will verify your membership with IGDA, and then I will refund you $10 through PayPal. Refunds will take place during the first week of the class, no later than July 11. (If you registered for this course with a different email address or name than the IGDA has on file, just let me know through email. You should receive an email from within a day or two of registering, so you can just reply to that.)

If you take the free ($0) course and you are an IGDA member, it is still free but there is no further discount.

What is Game Balance Concepts?

June 17, 2010

What is this blog?

This is the second summer I’ve decided to run a free online course on the topic of game design. Last summer was a general course that covered all areas on a very general level; you can find it at

This summer, I’m diving deeper into the narrower topic of game balance. The topic was covered in a single lesson last year, but I think it deserves better treatment, so this year I’m looking at balance in depth.

You can view a free intro video here that covers the course topics in more detail. (Update: due to technical difficulties with the courseware site, this was not viewable for a brief period. The issues have been resolved and everyone should now be able to create an account, view the video and download the syllabus. Thanks to everyone for reporting it and for being patient while I worked with to resolve this!)

How much does it cost?

Viewing this blog, and all the information that will be posted to it, is 100% free. I’ve even releasing it under Creative Commons, so you could use or reference this material if you are teaching a course or writing a book, as long as I receive attribution.

New this summer, I am also offering a paid version for the low cost of $55 (USD), about what you would expect to pay for a textbook. This paid version includes the extras that people asked for last summer — live broadcast lectures, and personal attention:

  • Live lectures each Monday, Noon EDT. These are scheduled to last about an hour, including Q&A.
  • Posted recordings of the lectures, available online even if you aren’t there for the live version.
  • Additional multimedia content including annotated Powerpoint files and sample Excel worksheets.
  • Direct email response to any of your comments or questions.

Instructions for signing up will be posted soon.

When is the course?

The course is scheduled for ten weeks, beginning Monday, July 5 and ending Wednesday, September 8. You can download a syllabus here.